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Max Seigal
Max SeigalChief Pilot and Cinematographer

Max Seigal

Max is the chief pilot for Seagull Aerial, and a National Geographic award winning photographer. His work has been featured in numerous international publications, and in 2014 Max created the company Seagull Aerial to bring his passion for film and flying to his own aerial filming business. Max works worldwide with a number of international clients in areas including real estate, tourism, professional athletes, hotels, private businesses, among many others. Max spends much of the year travelling the globe as a photographic instructor with National Geographic expeditions, and spends the remainder of his time working on projects with Seagull Aerial.
  • Max spends much of his year travelling the world with National Geographic Expeditions
  • One of the most distinguished aerial photographers in the world
  • Certified as a National Geographic Expeditions photographic instructor
  • Expert pilot skills, hard working, enthusiastic, and creative
  • Brings a unique vision to each project to capture never before seen footage

Steve Seigal

 Steven Seigal is an engineer, businessman, entrepreneur, and outdoor enthusiast. He has worked in the large corporate environment in roles of technical team leader and project management, owned and managed a thriving small business, and held numerous executive positions in Non-Profit organizations.  “I love a challenging assignment and look forward to delivering the best product and service to my clients.”
  • Engineering background, creative multirotor designer
  • Marketing and business specialist
  • Establishes lasting relationships with each customer, with a focus on meeting the needs of each client
Steve Seigal
Steve SeigalOperations Manager