Demo Reel 2015

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Seagull Aerial Demo Reel for 2015.

Kauai from the Air


Highlights of Kauai. Video shot for Kauai Visitors Bureau and Matador Network.

Open Sky

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Nepal 2016


Trip to Nepal in 2016

Vietnam from Above

Aerial shots from Vietnam

Rise of the Drones

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Aerial shots from around the world.

Alaska and British Columbia

Aerials from the National Geographic Sea Bird as we traveled down the coast of Alaska and British Columbia with Lindblad Expeditions

Around the World by Drone


Footage from around the world, shot by drone, over the past year

Luang Say Resort

Luang Say Resort, Laos


Dubrovnik Aerials

Auberge Hotel

Auberge Hotel, France


Meteora Aerials