Seagull Aerial is a premier aerial photography and videography company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Head of operations and lead pilot Max Seigal works with National Geographic Expeditions, and has worked on aerial projects all around the world. Seagull Aerial offers a unique and creative eye to it’s video projects, attention to detail, cutting edge aerial technology, sophisticated flying and filming equipment, and the highest quality service to all it’s clients.

Why Choose Seagull Aerial?

Max Seigal is a digital photography expert and National Geographic photo instructor. There is no one more qualified to get you the professional shots you need, and Max’s creative vision and photographic know-how together will get you the absolute finest imagery. Equipped with several state of the art multirotors platforms, Max can get anything from a GoPro to his DSLR cameras in the air to ensure you get the highest quality aerial photos and videos possible.

Is Photography with a Drone Safe?

Yes. Seagull Aerial has over five different multirotor platforms to operate a variety of equipment and cameras of different sizes, and with over 1,000 hours of flying time and no incidents, it is extremely safe and reliable.

My friend has a drone, why pay a premium when I can have him film for me?

This is equivalent to asking, ‘just because I have a digital camera, does that make me a professional photographer?’ While anyone can shoot images, creating a professional portfolio for the client is truly an art. As a National Geographic photo instructor, Max is an artist first and foremost, and a drone operator second. With extensive knowledge in composition, lighting, angles, equipment, and editing you can rest assured you will get the highest quality and videos from a true professional in the industry. Seagull Aerial stands out among all other aerial photography businesses because we focus on the art of creating beautiful and professional images and video.

Can I create a custom package for the project I want filmed/photographed?

Yes – we welcome any and all inquiries and are more than willing to work out custom arrangements with our clients regarding their photographic needs.

Why Are We The Best?

We strive to capture a unique vision for each of our clients, in an efficient and professional manner. Using state of the art technology and our highly trained video and photography staff, we will ensure that this goal is met on every project. We also guarantee to provide each and every client with the absolute best in customer service.
Our customers always come first. We dedicate 100% of our efforts to meeting your needs, and capturing the footage that you strive for.

Our services include

  • Multirotors for audiovisual production companies

  • Aerial filming for producers and music videos

  • Aerial filming for sporting events

  • Aerial filming for hotels and real estate

  • Aerial shooting for promotional videos and tourism industries

  • Aerial productions for wedding venues

  • High resolution aerial filming in HD and 4K

  • Multirotor aerial filming in the US and around the world

  • National Geographic Certified Photographer camera operator


Ultra-Responsive Design

Seagull Aerial is fully responsive and can adapt to any project size, we’re incredibly flexible.


Amazing Potential

Create amazing never before seen footage from aerial vantage points

Max Seigal - DSLRPros-37

State of the Art Multirotors and Filming Equipment

Seagull Aerial uses state of the art equipment for both its multirotors and video production to bring you the best quality

 The Proof Is In The Pudding